Scale inhibitor FX-1

A brief description

An aqueous solution of composition salt mixture of aminophosphonic acids of different structures


FX-1 represents a liquid from yellowish - green to light brown colors and it is well mixed with water and alkali. The concentration of basic substance is no less than 25%. Reagent pH-neutral. Do not have a corrosive effect on the system.
It is one of the most effective scale inhibitor. It is used in water preparation systems for the purpose to remove existing chalk-stones, as well as to prevent the formation of new ones.
As the washing of deposits leads to a clean surface of a metal, which is in contact with water, it is recommended to use the FX-1 simultaneously with corrosion inhibitors. It is not necessary to use corrosion inhibitors on the stage of the washing of deposits.
The product is environmentally harmless, fire-safe and explosion-proof, nontoxic (IV class) and has a permission for contact with foodstuff within the limits of maximum allowable concentration.
The field of application: water-heating and steam boilers, thermalclamping networks of heating, water cycle of the cooling of compressors (air and ammonia), ovens and other technological equipment (thermoplastic automatons, transformers, induction installations, thyristors, turbine capacitors, etc.).
he costs of reagents for the inhibition of chalk-stones in water are 1-5 g/m3. The correctness of selected dosage can be determined by the calculator of water stability. A preliminary quantity of the concentration of the reagent is chosen by our experts on the basis of chemical analysis (total hardness, total alkalinity and total iron content) of your water.
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